Archive | May 2012

Its been a busy place around here……

Gary is doing excellent in school. He seems to be doing better with potty training. The teacher has said he is going at school. But he won’t go to the bathroom on his own. I think its SPD. It does go along with Autism in some ways and no matter what people think of the situation. I feel that its partly me. I feel like I am missing something, even though I am doing everything they say in books and I am going with some suggestions that the teacher has given me. He is doing better but there are still things that we need to work on. I am trying not to take things personally. 😦 It is hard though sometimes.

Alicia is doing good. Learning all of her letters and numbers to 10, but can count higher. She is definitely average. She plays independently most of the time, but really likes me to engage in what she is doing. Its her birthday coming up and I am excited to give her a play kitchen! 🙂 Its going to be cool to have that in the living room. She can pretend to cook in her kitchen, while I am cooking in mine. 😉 hopefully she will like it. Looking forward to my trip to see my sister in June.