I am going to try this again.

Gary has been doing good in school this year. He is now at a school that is experienced in Autism. Which really helps when it comes to his school work, and how he acts at home. Alicia is enjoying her time with me in the morning and Gary gets time alone with me in the afternoon. It has worked out good. I am learning something new everyday, from my kids. And am loving this life that I have.


2 thoughts on “I am going to try this again.

  1. My son has Aspergers but it is becoming less severe as he gets older. Having a good school is so important. We unfortunately never did find just the right fit so we homeschool. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my binder. If I made the book over there are a lot of things I would do differently. Whats really funny is I don’t use it anymore. I switched to filing the inserts weekly. It was taking me 6+ hours to cut coupons weekly, to me my time is just as important as saving money. I miss a lot more deals this way but I am still saving so I guess I had to decide on cost-benefit for my family.

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